Given the impossibility of predicting when it will be possible to hold this Congress
safely for all participants, the municipality of Viseu has chosen to cancel it.
We regret any inconvenience caused by this decision.


The following are goals of the II International Congress Limit(s): Experiences and Challenges of Human Condition:

  • Presenting a transdisciplinary plurality of representations on the issue of limit(s) as an experience and a challenge that the human condition faces; discussing the issues and contributions of various approaches to reality that this theme raises.
  • Understanding the actual society’s profound changes regarding the question of limits.
  • Discussing the most significant concerns of our times and the borderlines they evoke, within the political, social, cultural, religious and economic frameworks.
  • Understanding ethical limits to the practices of science, medicine, technology, media, cyberspace, education, culture, art, language, religion, etc.
  • Addressing the problem of limit(s) having in mind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Listening to multiple narratives on limit(s): in the worlds of sport, art, religion, geography, evolution of times, etc.
  • Knowing the experiences of limit(s) and challenges to limit(s) that peoples and cultures throughout history faced.
  • Understanding, in a humanistic reading, the extent to which limit(s) represent a challenge, not only an experience.
  • Analysing the question of boundaries as far as ‘taking care of the common house’ is concerned.
  • Contributing to a reading of limit(s) within the scope of the human-divine relation.
  • Evaluating concrete proposals for a more conscious, more formative, more ethical, more humane society, which respects the full development of each person, and integrates the profound acceptance of one’s conditioned nature.