The goals of the II International Congress Limit(s): Experiences and Challenges of Human Condition are:

  • Presenting a transdisciplinary plurality of representations on the issue of limit(s) as an experience and a challenge that the human condition faces; discussing the issues and contributions of various approaches to reality that this theme raises.
  • Understanding the actual society’s profound changes regarding the question of limits.
  • Discussing the most significant concerns of our times and the borderlines they evoke, within the political, social, cultural, religious and economic frameworks.
  • Understanding ethical limits to the practices of science, medicine, technology, media, cyberspace, education, culture, art, language, religion, etc.
  • Addressing the problem of limit(s) having in mind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Listening to multiple narratives on limit(s): in the worlds of sport, art, religion, geography, evolution of times, etc.
  • Knowing the experiences of limit(s) and challenges to limit(s) that peoples and cultures throughout history faced.
  • Understanding, in a humanistic reading, the extent to which limit(s) represent a challenge, not only an experience.
  • Analysing the question of boundaries as far as ‘taking care of the common house’ is concerned.
  • Contributing to a reading of limit(s) within the scope of the human-divine relation.
  • Evaluating concrete proposals for a more conscious, more formative, more ethical, more humane society, which respects the full development of each person, and integrates the profound acceptance of one’s conditioned nature.