Given the impossibility of predicting when it will be possible to hold this Congress
safely for all participants, the municipality of Viseu has chosen to cancel it.
We regret any inconvenience caused by this decision.

Call for papers

The Scientific Committee receives paper proposals until November 25th 2019. The proposals must fit into one of the thematic areas of the Congress (sub-areas are indicative only) and should be sent to

Proposals must include the following elements:

– title of the paper
– abstract of the presentation (up to 500 words)
– five keywords
– author’s biographical note (up to 150 words)

Proposals for presentation will be submitted to the Scientific Committee for evaluation and will be included in one of the following items:

a) accepted for oral presentation during the Congress
b) accepted for inclusion in the Book of Congress as a scientific paper
c) not accepted due to lack of scientific quality or deviation from the theme

By November 30th each applicant will be given the scientific report on his proposal.

Applicants whose presentations have been accepted in both a) and b) categories must be registered by December 10th, having sent their receipt of payment to

Each candidate may submit as many presentation proposals as he or she wishes, individually or in groups. The Scientific Committee may select more than one paper from the same proponent.

Regarding presentations made by more than one individual, each one of them must register for the Congress and pay his/her own registration fee.